Specialization in Marketing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Beth McCabe

The Marketing specialization allows students to gain an understanding of how marketing relates to all the other functions of a business and how to integrate marketing into everything the business does. The Marketing pathway aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing management in consumer, industrial markets and service industries in addition to developing problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in these fields. Marketing concepts provide valuable insights into the various exchange processes involved in consumer, business-to-business, and non-profit settings, around the globe. The purpose of this is to develop a critical and analytical approach to marketing managers' tasks within the context of the organization as a whole.

Students interested in the marketing specialization should be curious about why customers buy what they do and how product development, branding, pricing, and other elements of the marketing mix affect consumer choices. Beyond the first-core marketing management class as part of general MBA program, specialization students are required to take market research, consumer behavior, global marketing, strategic operational marketing and marketing practicum (capstone). Marketing practicum is an integrative course and the capstone for the specialization. The principal outcome of the capstone course will be the completion of a project to integrate various functional areas of marketing. After completing the Marketing AOS---students are expected to develop knowledge, understanding, and cognitive, intellectual, practical and transferable marketing skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluation of marketing opportunities and developing successful strategies.
  2. Synthesis of varying marketing, operations, personnel and financial initiatives.
  3. Analysis and positioning of a brand and building equity.
  4. Application of classic and leading-edge marketing principals and theories.
  5. Understanding of an in-depth knowledge and specific tools derived from the modern marketing world.


Program Requirements (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):