Concentration in Marketing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Beth McCabe

This concentration is organized around a managerial framework that gives students an understanding of the concepts of marketing as well as the application of these concepts in making decisions and managing marketing activities. There is a wide range of opportunities in marketing, including marketing management, marketing research, purchasing manager/buyer, market analysis, product/branch manager, retailing, sales promotion, and international marketing.

Students must successfully complete the following courses for a concentration in marketing, with at least four of them in residence at National University. It is recommended that students take these courses toward the end of their program after completing the upper division BBA core courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop marketing research tools that can gather data on customers.
  2. Evaluate global marketing strategies for products and services using consumer and business behavior.
  3. Apply marketing concepts, including promotional strategies, to management decision making.


Requirements for the Concentration (6 courses; 27 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Plus any two of the following courses
Core Requisite(s):