FIN673 Valuation of a Corporation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

Valuation is designed to explain the theories of valuing a corporation. Topics include: foundations of value, core valuation techniques, how to create value, estimating continuing value, valuing multinational companies, and cross-border and emerging markets valuation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast shareholder value maximization to stakeholder value maximization.
  • Analyze the impact of short-term orientation (ROI, EPS) on the shareholder value.
  • Compare and contrast the economic profit to discounted cash flow approaches.
  • Evaluate the impact of capital structure on corporate valuation.
  • Assess the impact of the financial statement treatments of the convertible debt to the estimation of equity value.
  • Compare and contrast the variable valuation tools.
  • Evaluate a value creation tree. What benefit does a manager gain by employing a value creation tree analysis as an integral component of performance measurement and analysis.
  • Assess the role of valuation during the merger and acquisition process.
  • Formulate how senior executive should prepare the organization for cultural shift after merge.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of a cyclical company. How does the valuation of cyclical company differ from the valuation of a non-cyclical one?