SCM695C Supply Chain Risk Capstone

Course Description

Supply chains are becoming more complex with increasing globalization while simultaneously becoming more fragile with leaner inventory buffers. This increases the risk of disruptions exponentially as additional suppliers and logistics providers are added, with potentially devastating financial impacts. However, simply applying cost management strategies are no longer comprehensive enough. This course will present traditional risk management techniques and alternatives including the new application of resilience to the business world. Throughout the course an interactive, competitive simulation will test individual knowledge and leadership skills that encompass MBA disciplines with emphasis on managing supply chain operations in a turbulent, global marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Select proper risk management approaches within all four pillars: supply, process, demand and environment.
  • Assess operational and financial impacts of unreliable suppliers and transportation carriers.
  • Evaluate the benefits and limitations of emerging risk management tools and techniques.
  • Develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy that properly integrates business concepts.
  • Defend operational decisions as related to business strategy and resulting outcomes.