SCM620 Strategic Supply Management

Course Description

Strategic Supply Management focuses on the fundamental principles, processes and strategies that are currently used by successful companies to manage their supply networks and significantly improve their bottom lines. This course provides strategic and comprehensive insights into the field of supply management by analyzing markets, suppliers and business needs. Concepts also include developing and implementing effective supply management strategies that balance quality, technology and delivery to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. The course puts a strategic focus on sourcing, price management and supplier relationship management with emphasis on risk management, by covering key knowledge and skills that are in demand today.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze potential suppliers and regional characteristics of supply markets.
  • Apply a structured process to develop sourcing strategies.
  • Assess supply risks.
  • Describe supply risk mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluate supplier relationships.
  • Differentiate between price and cost in supply management.
  • Evaluate the competiveness of prices paid to suppliers.
  • Apply cost models to evaluate supplier prices and life-cycle costs.
  • Select appropriate supply chain cost management strategies.