SCM610 Supply Chain Collaboration

Course Description

Supply Chain Collaboration focuses on aligning business processes and goals between firms within the supply chain toward improving the performance of all members. This course presents the eight managerial processes at the strategic and operational levels, first within the firm and then between firms. Successful Supply Chain Collaboration requires cross-functional integration, right-sizing of partnerships and correct adoption of performance measures, which will be studied in depth with attention to practical applications and deployment techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the eight supply chain management processes and their application within the firm and between supply chain members.
  • Create complete supply chain maps from raw materials to end consumer.
  • Apply concepts of Lean Thinking beyond the firm and into the broader supply chain realm.
  • Explain the benefits of co-creation with customers and suppliers.
  • Apply the Partnership Model and Collaboration Framework.
  • Assess the benefits of various performance metrics in their ability to align firm behaviors toward common goals.