FIN650 Global Financing for Trade

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

An examination of the basic financial problems facing an internationally oriented company, this course includes the structure and operations of the international financial system, foreign exchange rates, foreign exchange risks and their management, international sources of funds, international cash management, and basic instruments of international financial transactions (e.g., letters of credit, foreign currency contracts, foreign currency accounts, and banking facilities). Note: Students specializing in financial management may not take this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the mechanisms of the international balance of payments.
  • Evaluate the intricacies of export/import financing.
  • Compare and contrast spot and futures foreign exchange markets and their importance in international trade and international financial transactions.
  • Employ foreign exchange forecasting and use hedging methods to reduce foreign exchange risks.
  • Assess the effectiveness of past and present international financial institutions in relation to global trade, finance, and investments.
  • Integrate information technology into global financial activities and policies.
  • Integrate business ethics into international financial strategies.