FIN446 International Financial Mgmt

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

An examination of the international aspects of corporate finance and investing, the course covers balance of payments, foreign exchange with emphasis on exchange rate determination, exchange risk, hedging, and interest arbitrage, international money and capital markets, international financing, and international banking.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the operations of international financial markets, including: basic organization; characteristic of spot, forward, futures, and options trading; Interbank trading; exchange risk management; details of arbitrage processes; linkages to other markets; details of trading at futures and options exchanges; central bank intervention and government regulation.
  • Evaluate the workings and mechanics of the international balance of payments.
  • Outline the intricacies of export/import financing.
  • Apply foreign exchange forecasting and use hedging methods to reduce foreign exchange risks.
  • Assess the effectiveness of past and present international financial institutions in relation to global trade, finance, and investments.
  • Formulate international working capital management, especially sort-term financing alternatives, financing foreign trade, current asset management, transfer pricing and intercorporate flows.
  • Compare and contrast spot and futures foreign exchange markets operate and integrate their importance in international trade and international financial transactions.