ECO631 Global Trade Policy & Procedur

Lead Faculty: Dr. Wali I. Mondal

Course Description

An examination of the development and current status of U.S. and foreign trade policies and procedures, this course focuses on GATT, NAFTA, European Integration, and other emerging regional trading blocs. It examines the impact of trade and foreign operations caused by national and regional antitrust laws. It surveys the procedures necessary for government approval of importing and exporting, including the legal options available to facilitate and overcome difficulties and disputes in foreign trade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the important regional and international trade organizations and their operational framework and structure.
  • Analyze the shortcomings of international private law, which affects international trade.
  • Analyze the legal framework in which international trade takes place and international disputes are settled.
  • Compare and contrast the legal aspects of import and export.
  • Evaluate the impact of antitrust laws on international trade.
  • Contrast the legal differences between international and national trade.
  • Demonstrate fundamental legal understanding of the global business environment .