ECO630 Global Economic Geography

Lead Faculty: Dr. Wali I. Mondal

Course Description

A survey of the global economy, this course examines how organizations identify and inventory resources in terms of manpower (demographics), industrial organization and development, sources of raw materials, and the current means of connectivity (e.g., language, as well as telecommunication and transportation infrastructures). It includes exposure to various sources of global economic information, such as the 'Country and Industry Report,' U.S. government reports, online computer information, and various private sources such as banks and credit card bureaus. Students compile reports that focus on country, region, and industry analysis of opportunity and prospects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate basic theory of economic geography.
  • Analyze the impact of economic geographic determinants on organizational effectiveness.
  • Analyze the relationships between economic resources and geography and the impact on individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Analyze the basic features of the global economy.
  • Analyze at least three different countries from a minimum of two regions of the would using a taxonomy of economic, geographic/physical, political and cultural factors.
  • Demonstrate their business skills and appraise their own and others abilities to apply the tools of analysis from the different functional areas of management, marketing, accounting, finance and economics.