ACC695M Cases in Accounting & Auditing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Joyce Ellis

Course Description

A capstone course in which students apply the knowledge and skills acquired in preceding coursework to their analysis of real life situations involving financial accounting and reporting, cost/managerial accounting, tax and/or auditing issues. Selected cases may require the researching of relevant authoritative pronouncements, laws, regulations and the like. Course is eligible for IP grading.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze accounting and auditing-related fact situations and identify the issues that need to be addressed in arriving at an appropriate solution or course of action.
  • Research and cite in an appropriate manner relevant authoritative pronouncements, laws and regulations.
  • Evaluate possible alternative decisions or courses of action and provide rationale for each alternative.
  • Synthesize information acquired in prior coursework and in related research into a cohesive written report to management that includes findings and appropriately supported recommendations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing at a level of professional quality expected of a graduate of a masters program in accounting.