Planning and Self-Advocacy

Goal Planning

As the Assistant Manager in the SAS office I want to provide resources to lead to your academic success, but I am also here if you have questions about how to plan for future goals, such as career advancement, mapping out how to use Veteran benefits, or how to manage your time juggling a busy schedule. You may contact us at to learn about Paths to Success and how to break up a large goal into manageable milestones. You may also access Career Resources to learn more about resources here at National University and online to help in identifying career goals, transitional careers from military service to the civilian sector, and potential growth in your area of interest.

Partnering with Professors

It is your responsibility to share your accommodation letter with your professor if you choose to use accommodations. Be sure to keep an electronic or hard copy of your accommodation letter safe and secure for future classes, since you can use the same accommodation letter up until graduation.

Should you ever have challenges with communicating with your professor, or not feel comfortable, please contact SAS right away so that we can best support you on your academic journey. The Tips for Communicating with Professors tool can be a useful guide as well.

Self Advocacy

If you have presented your accommodation letter to your professor and have challenges in receiving an approved accommodation it is your responsibility to contact the SAS team immediately. We can only help once we have been notified of a potential roadblock.

If you have reviewed your course guide from the professor and have questions about additional accommodations, contact the SAS team right away. Accommodations are arranged to create an even playing field. If you have questions about accommodation options, our team will always encourage self-advocacy as a first step, but we will support you while communicating or collaborating with professors as well.