Alternate Media

Alt Media is the term applied to required course materials such as textbooks, electronic documents, exams and other print materials which the student needs converted into accessible formats such as:

  • RTF (Rich text format) or DOC (document)
  • MP3 (Audio format)
  • xhtml (Audible mathematics output format)
  • Enlarged Print
  • Braille

There is a wide range of electronic text formats. Free training, orientation, and assistance is available for students registered with Student Accessibility Services. For more information, please contact

Alternative Media Terms and Service Agreement

  1. Alternative media services will only be provided to students who are registered with the National University’s Student Accessibility Services and currently approved for this accommodation. If you are not registered and please contact the office for more information.
  2. Student must be enrolled in the course and verify ownership of the required course textbooks before being eligible for any alternative media request.
  3. Students can check whether their required textbooks are already available in media portals with built-in accessibility features. If so, they may choose to purchase alt media that supports their current assistive technology needs. For example, Ebooks enabled for text-to-speech can use WhisperSync technology in certain Kindle dedicated readers.
  4. Any alternative media requests must include the following when completing the Alternate Media Production Request Form:
    1. NU term
    2. course subject/catalog/class number
    3. student name, ID# and contact information
    4. student’s current technology use
    5. textbook, ISBN#, title, author, edition, and its purchase or rental receipt
  5. If digital source files are not available, the student may be required to surrender their purchased copy for conversion. Print materials provided to the Student Accessibility Services for the purpose of conversion to alternative format may be disassembled and returned to the student in an altered condition. Student Accessibility Services will not be held responsible for any damage to the materials that occur as a result of the conversion to alternative format.
  6. Four to six weeks is the typical lead time required for copyright permission and textbook conversion. In the case of Braille, however, a minimum of three months advanced notice is necessary.
  7. All provided materials will be used solely for the eligible student's own educational purposes and will not be copied or duplicated for use by others. All alternate-formatted materials provided on CD/DVD, must be destroyed or returned to the Student Accessibility Services by the last day of the academic term.

Submission Guidelines

  • When available, please first consider purchasing your materials in an electronic format. A wide variety of textbooks are available and often at a significantly lower cost to you.
  • If no format is available, please use this request form and follow the Service Agreement.
  • After your request is processed, you will be sent a link (URL) and will have one week to download your materials. If you have any difficulties, need alternatives or would like to explore your options please contact the office directly.
  • For general inquiries contact For help with assistive technology and alternate media contact or (858) 521-3969.