Student Conduct


The Office of Student Conduct at National University will partner with students, faculty, staff and other community members to create a campus community unified in its commitment to personal and academic integrity, mutual respect, and social justice.

Mission Statement

The University provides a process for addressing and adjudicating incidents of academic and non-academic student misconduct. To that end, the Office of Student Conduct seeks to enhance the educational mission of the University by promoting an educated, caring, fair and ethical community.

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide programs and services aimed at increasing awareness among students, faculty and staff of the Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity Policy and other relevant policies and regulations related to student conduct and that strive to minimize conduct violations.
  2. Cultivate partnerships with various departments, student organizations and faculty that will serve to broaden the reach and increase awareness of services provided by OSC.
  3. Support the University’s strategic goal of increased student retention by deliberately crafting educational sanctions that will lead to increased student engagement and an enhanced educational experience.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students participating in the conduct process will demonstrate increased self-awareness of their behavior, of the appropriateness or inappropriateness of their behavior, and of the rights and responsibilities of a member of the National University community.
Students participating in the conduct process will increase their knowledge of the Student Code of Conduct, as well as the impact the conduct violation had on others in the NU community.
Students participating in the conduct process demonstrate increased self-awareness of the potential effect their behavior may have on their future career, course of study, and relationships with others.

What We Do

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner that reflects ethics, honor and good citizenship. They are also expected to be aware of University policies and regulations and to abide by them. It is the students’ responsibility to manifest their commitment to the goals of the University through their conduct and behavior.

OSC helps inform students about their rights and responsibilities as part of the NU community. We also strive to help faculty and staff understand their role in the student conduct and academic dishonesty process.

You may contact this office for questions relating to student conduct, academic dishonesty and University policies and procedures. The OSC team is available to help students, staff and faculty University concerns. Our staff are available to answer questions, make referrals, and schedule meetings.