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Corporate Tuition Assistance

Direct Company Payments
Many companies and government agencies provide tuition benefits to employees. Please check with your employer on how to apply for this employee benefit. National University will bill your company or employer upon verification of eligibility.

Please have your employer send a third party tuition agreement or letter with the following information:

  • Student name and ID number
  • Employer/Company name
  • Reimbursement eligibility per course, i.e. amount or percentage
  • Minimum grade requirement
  • Maximum annual benefit
  • Other requirements
  • Name and signature of authorizing representative with their title and phone number
  • Billing address and/or contact person.

Please mail all tuition vouchers, contracts, and documents related to corporate tuition benefits to the following address:

National University
c/o Student Accounts
9388 Lightwave Ave
San Diego,CA 92123-1426

Contact Information
Phone: (858) 541-7775
Toll Free: 1-866-NU ACCESS / 1-866-682-2237

Payment Address and Checks
National University
c/o Spectrum Student Accounts
9388 Lightwave Ave
San Diego,CA 92123-1426

Corporate Tuition Assistance

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