Course Scheduling and Course Drop and Withdrawal

Course Scheduling
Any course substitutions or changes in a degree program must be consistent with a student's degree objective and fulfill the graduation requirements for the degree. Students should contact an admissions advisor for assistance in requesting such changes. For students receiving financial aid, changes made to their schedules after processing may delay or cancel their aid. Students should speak to a financial aid advisor before withdrawing from a course or requesting a change of schedule or program.

Students can change the class in which they are enrolled prior to the start date of that course. To ensure that the desired course is available, students are encouraged to substitute or add a course at least one (1) week in advance of the start date.

Students may drop a course prior to midnight of the ninth (9th) day of the session. A grade will not be awarded and tuition will not be charged. After midnight of the ninth (9th) day of the session, a grade may be entered and tuition will be charged according to the refund policy.

Course Drop and Withdrawal
The term "drop" means a student has dropped a course prior to midnight of the ninth (9th) day of the session, and no grade or notation appears on the student's record. The term "withdrawal" signifies that a student has withdrawn from a course after midnight of the ninth (9th) day of the session, and a "W" will appear on the student's record.  Students who withdraw after midnight of the twenty-first (21st) day of the session will receive a grade of "F" or "U," as appropriate for the course. This is a permanent mark with no grade points assigned.

Notifying the instructor of one's intent to withdraw is insufficient and will not constitute an official withdrawal. Students may drop themselves from a course using the student web portal prior to midnight of the ninth (9th) day of the session or they may ask an admissions advisor to drop the course for them. The student is responsible for ensuring that the drop or withdraw is reflected in their record appropriately by viewing their schedule on the student web portal.