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Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS)

Exceptions to Academic Policies
In cases of exceptional circumstance, students can request an exception to a published University academic policy by submitting a request to the Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS). Convenience or ignorance of a published policy does not constitute sufficient justification for a CAS request. Students should make such a request through their admissions advisor or via an e-Form on the student portal. Students must submit a letter of explanation and documentary evidence in support of the request.

Each case is decided upon its own merits and the decision of the committee is final and not subject to appeal, unless there is information pertinent to the outcome which was not available at the time of the initial request. All decisions rendered by the committee are valid for one (1) year from the date the decision was made. Appeals approved by the committee will be considered null and void if a student does not take action within the allotted one (1) year time frame. CAS may require action be taken within a shorter time frame, based on the students unique circumstance and the policy to which an exception has been requested. 

If students meet all of the above conditions, they should take the following steps:
1) Fill out a Committee on the Application of Standards Request, available as an e-Form on the student portal, or see an admissions advisor for assistance.
2) The request must include both justification and documentation of the special circumstances that necessitate an exception to a published University policy.