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Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success

National University has expanded its services to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces through the Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, which is located at National’s Spectrum Business Park Campus in San Diego, a national hub for military personnel.

The Center is the result of a $621,299, three-year grant that was awarded to National University by the U.S. Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).

The Center is a centralized point for the coordination of services that focus on four key areas: 1) easing veterans’ transition to campus life, 2) increasing retention, 3) improving achievement of educational and career goals, and 4) providing a higher quality of life through the coupling of pre-existing services and support with newly-created programming specifically developed to meet the needs of veteran students.

As part of this project, National University has established the Veteran Student Support Team to facilitate the development and implementation of the Center and its services. The Center serves as a one-stop referral center to provide guidance and assistance in directing veterans to the additional services they need. Funding from the grant also facilitates a military peer-to-peer mentoring programming that assists with retention and academic achievement. As a result of the Center, National University anticipates an increase in graduation rates for veterans, higher job placement, lower unemployment, and higher retention rates.

For more information about National University’s military friendly programs, visit

Contact information for the Center is as follows:

National University
Spectrum Campus, Room 171
9388 Lightwave Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123-1426
(858) 541-7780

Call 1-877-628-6828 to speak to a dedicated military admissions advisor today.