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MUL315 Video Game Design

Lead Faculty: Mr. Brian J Arnold

Course Description

An in-depth review of video game development, with emphasis on game design theory and practice. Students learn fundamental principles and strategies of game design to transform a story or game vision into a virtual environment prototype that integrates player activity, interface, and graphics. They become familiar with basic algorithms that control interactivity and representation, and learn about the various tools available to designers, such as prototyping software and game engines. Software instruction is in Anark and Genesis3D.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the fundamentals of game design theory.
  • Identify basic algorithms that control game interactivity and representation.
  • Demonstrate design concepts and strategies to achieve the game's objective.
  • Write technical design documents that address game objective, genre, perspective, rules of play, interface, interactivity, graphics, and sound.
  • Create a 3-D game prototype that demonstrates basic functionality, player activity, and the objective of a game.