ITM605 Advanced IT Project Mgmt

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mudasser Fraz Wyne

Course Description

This course covers the processes and tools involved in managing an IT project. It provides an overview of the activities carried out in each of the phases of an IT project and describes key project management tools. This course describes how IT projects differ from other project types and points to the benefits of applying project management principles to IT projects. There is an emphasis on managing risks and issues in IT projects, including identifying, documenting, analyzing, and developing appropriate and effective responses. This course also covers the planning and managing of project communications. Legal and ethical issues are also discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • andlt;span lang=andquot;ENandquot;andgt;Demonstrate knowledge of the processes involved in managing IT projects.
  • Analyze risks and issues in an IT project.
  • Distinguish between different methods of communicating IT project information.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the benefits of using project management tools and techniques for IT projects.
  • Analyze the difference between IT projects and non-IT projects.
  • Distinguish between activities that are carried out in each IT project phase.
  • Describe the legal and ethical issues involved with IT projects.