ITM230 Computer Network Overview

Lead Faculty: Ms. Debra A. Bowen

Course Description

This course emphasizes the network operational concepts and implementation. It provides students with an understanding of network basics and emerging local area network technologies. Topics include: integration of hardware and software components, network architecture, protocols, interconnection of networks using bridges and routers, network links using cable modems and DSL and IEEE 802 network access standards. TCP/IP will also be reviewed within the context of networking protocols.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the core principles of network architecture and operations.
  • Identify network devices and explain their functions and the way they operate.
  • Describe LAN interface devices, cabling requirements, and installation procedures.
  • Explain HTTP, TCP/IP and PPP protocols.
  • Apply networking technology concepts within student projects.
  • Understand basic Network Security concepts.