National University

WCM605 Wireless Systems Security

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

Course Description

Security and privacy issues in wireless voice and data. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiability. Identification, authentication, and encryption protocols. Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Secure distribution of encryption keys. Use of WPA in Wireless LANs.Ethical issues in wireless communications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the ethical aspects in communication systems.
  • Identify and recognize the types of threats common to information systems.
  • Investigate and review the major Policy and Architectural Models for IT Security Management (addressing the five "Ps", people, policies, practices, processes and procedures).
  • Define the top 20 IT security threats and identify appropriate courses of action to address these risks.
  • Illustrate the technologies and policies that are compromised by common security threats and map them to accountability chains.
  • Identify steps for recovery, including policies, technologies and products.
  • Create a policy workbook based on standard checklists, inventories and guidelines to give your organization a proactive approach to securing your information.