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ENE610 Microbiological Processes

Lead Faculty: Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

Course Description

An introduction to the design, analysis and implementation of microbiology and biological treatments is given with emphasis on biology of microorganisms and general bacteriology microbiology of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, Water sampling techniques, related treatment on nitrogen, and phosphorous in the environmental lab in modern workplace are studied.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare standard methods for analyzing water and wastewater pollution.
  • Compare and contrast microbiological analysis of environmental samples.
  • Assess the sampling techniques and preservation of hazardous waste samples
  • Contrast interpretation of environmental data.
  • Analyze bio solids, nitrogen and phosphorus treatments.
  • Classify the basic microbiology of water and waste-water.
  • Contrast marine and natural water ecology.
  • Analyze aerobic and anaerobic process for wastewater treatment.
  • Design activated sludge and trickling filters.