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ENE608 Site Remediation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

Course Description

Introduction to the issues relevant to the investigation and management of contaminated sites, emphasizing problem diagnosis / characterization and the development of site restoration / corrective action clean up programs. Includes methods for the development site restoration tasks, methods for evaluating the progress of corrective action programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the concept of risk as applied to environmental project planning.
  • Contrast how risk is incorporated into the planning stages to aid in the successful completion of large-scale environmental engineering projects.
  • Apply the concept of risk to hypothetical situations. Design the concept of statistical
  • Design the concept of statistical decision-making, and illustrate its use in project planning and outcome prediction.
  • Classify methods for the development site remediation and restoration tasks.
  • Evaluate problem diagnosis on remediation action clean up programs.