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ENE605 Air Pollution Control

Lead Faculty: Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

Course Description

Air quality management with an emphasis on the sources of air pollution, including the effects on humankind, plants, and animals. Study of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and air pollution law. Design of air pollution control equipment will be done.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze a methodology to determine the performance and cost of air pollution control techniques.
  • Evaluate air quality management and analyze the causes and effects of air pollution.
  • Compare the environmental effects of air pollution on humankind, and the plant and animal kingdoms.
  • Contrast how air pollution is controlled through modern technology, pollution prevention and economics.
  • Classify various air pollution control methods and the costs to implement those controls.
  • Analyze specific air pollution problems in Southern California and identify possible solutions to those problems.
  • Describe the hierarchy of local, state and federal agencies involved in the regulation of air quality and the laws governing each.
  • Identify toxic air contaminants and corresponding air toxic control measures (ATCM's).