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CEE440 VLSI Design

Lead Faculty: Dr Peilin Fu

Course Description

VLSI design introduces students to fabrication and layout techniques necessary to design large scale systems. Specific topics include: CMOS logic, MOSFET theory, layout design rules including all the factors required for an effective circuit design. Advanced topics include: capacitance requirements, clocking, and power consumption, circuit simulation and performance estimation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design logic circuit layouts for CMOS circuits.
  • Extract the analog parasitic elements using a simulator.
  • Build a cell library to be used by other chip designers.
  • Insert elementary testing hardware into the VLSI chip.
  • Analyze VLSI circuit timing using Logical Effort analysis.
  • Design elementary data paths for microprocessors, including moderate-speed adders, subtracters, and multipliers.
  • Estimate the power consumption of a VLSI chip.
  • Assemble an entire chip.
  • explain the chip technology scaling process.