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Dr. Mohammed M. Nadeem

Dr. Mohammed M. Nadeem
National University
(408) 236-1150

Dr. Nadeem’s primary areas of research fall within the domains of Consumer behavior: Choice, Justification, Emotion, and Giving. His developing area of expertise involves the psychological aspects of---time, money, and happiness---including its connection to Satisfaction and Loyalty. In another stream of research, a great deal of his work explores the role of Strategic Board-Room Leadership. Dr. Nadeem has received ‘Faculty Distinguished Scholarship Award’ in Fall 2007 from Research Council, National University. His scholarship is growing with publications in leading journals. Professor Nadeem’s research addresses questions that help CEO's and CMO's measure the effectiveness of their successful consumer behavior strategies, and improve the efficiency of their decision making.

Dr. Nadeem is the Program Lead for Marketing at the School of Business and teaches graduate marketing courses: consumer behavior, marketing management, Internet marketing, global marketing, and Market Research. Professor Nadeem brings excellence and innovation into the classroom through his Case-Method and Case-in-Point style of instruction in both on-site and on-line classes using---Blackboard, and eCollege (ClassLivePro). Prior to receiving his doctoral studies from UIU, Cincinnati, Ohio in eBusiness (Marketing), Dr. Nadeem had worked over ten years as a Program and Project Manager at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Western Digital Corporation, Silicon Valley, CA.

Dr. Nadeem has received ‘Five-Year Service Award’ in Fall 2008 from Provost’s Office, National University. His teaching focuses on giving student's a strong foundation for critical and analytical thinking processes and how e-businesses can effectively use customer relationship in general and the Internet marketing in particular. Dr. Nadeem adheres to academic rigor GPA targets of his School and had maintained an excellent score of 3.25 out of 4.0. He had also consistently maintained high student evaluations above 4.50 out of 5.0.

Dr. Nadeem received the ‘President’s Professoriate Award’ in April 2009 from the Office of the President, National University. Dr. Nadeem currently serves as a Vice-Chair, Faculty Senate, National University. He is married with children and lives in Santa Clara, California.


  • Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Markets
  • Social Media & Consumer Behavior Marketing
  • Leadership in Marketing Charity, Fundraising, and Giving
  • Brand Leadership; Halal/Kosher Branding; Islamic Brand Marketing.

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Ph.D. E-Business,
Union Institute and University