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MGT430 Survey of Global Business

Lead Faculty: Dr Ramon Corona

Course Description

A study of the accelerating internationalization of all business, this course introduces upper-division undergraduate students to all facets of international business within three broad subject areas: (1) the economic framework of international business, (2) the operating frameworks of multinational corporations, and (3) a framework for global strategic management. It uses case studies to illustrate concepts and methods.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the causes and drivers of globalization.
  • Recognize the importance of cultural, economic, legal and political factors in international business.
  • Assess the costs and benefits of increased international trade and investment activities.
  • Apply knowledge of foreign exchange markets to optimize cross-border transactions and minimize risk.
  • Discuss the impact of international business on management and corporate functions such as marketing, accounting, finance, manufacturing, etc.
  • Analyze different types of international businesses using a taxonomy of economic, geographic/physical, political and cultural factors.