IBU645 Intl Entrepreneurship Project

Course Description

Examine the cross-border operations of multinational companies focusing on country assessment and market entry, market research, segmentation, marketing mix adaptation, outsourcing and global Corporate Social Responsibility. Also includes the role of exchange rates, the mechanics and institutional structure of global trade and payments, as well as the role of social media in global operations. Students will prepare an applied international business project

Learning Outcomes

  • Use local entrepreneurship and trade promotion resources to expand overseas operations.
  • Apply theoretical and practical market research tools for country screening and entry.
  • Analyze the global supply chain of multinationals and their offshoring practices.
  • Appraise the impact of currency fluctuations, netting, transfer pricing, and offshore taxation on corporate earnings.
  • Evaluate the role of social media and the Internet in global trade and the ethical dilemmas faced by multinationals in a global context.