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LED430 Conflict/Negotiation for Ldrs

Lead Faculty: Dr Michelle C. Browning

Course Description

Effective conflict resolution, bargaining and negotiation are addressed in this course as methods for improving the organizational effectiveness in the long term. A special focus will be placed upon creation of win-win solutions to real life organizational situations. Conflict will be examined as both a necessary and challenging workplace phenomena.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast different methods of negotiation available to leaders.
  • Identify and evaluate the leadership styles that are most effective for various types of negotiation.
  • Identify potential types of conflict resolution and their possible impacts on leaders, groups, team and organizations.
  • Define the differences in potential outcomes in real life situations between win-lose, lose-lose, and win-win solutions.
  • Evaluate ethical concerns of leadership approaches to negotiation and conflict.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of major leadership concepts in writing and orally using proper business communications techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use online resources to research and prepare written and oral assignments.