Specialization in Professional Golf Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sarah Castillo

Responding to one of the fastest growing recreational sports industries, the specialization in Professional Golf Management will focus upon the core competencies of Turfscience and Sustainability Systems, Marketing and Profitability in the Golf Industry, General Management, and The Business and Practice of Instruction. These core competencies will focus upon how the golf industry increasingly recognizes the importance of sound managerial skills, profitability, sustainability, the ability to match a facility mission with the marketplace, and team building in the successful operation of a private, public, resort, or municipal facility. Students assess how changes in the industry and workplace influence productivity and performance, and develop technical knowledge and practical skills for dealing with a changing work environment and multicultural workforce. Students will gain practical knowledge and skills on leadership and effective tools for managing human resources.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply fundamental business activities, theoretical and practical, related to golf management;
  2. Appraise ethical issues as they apply to cross-functional management activities in the golf industry;
  3. Select current and emerging trends in the golf industry and apply issues related to marketing, branding, finance, sustainability, and the evolving customer base;
  4. Defend the importance of diversity and multiculturalism in the global golf industry;
  5. Prepares graduate-level written work in golf management and demonstrates appropriate oral and written communication skills in the presentation of graduate-level work;
  6. Perform analytical and critical thinking skills in appraising the complex network of challenges and opportunities associated with the golf industry.


In lieu of general electives, student can choose an area of specialization. In order to graduate with an area of specialization, students must complete all courses specified in the desired area in addition to all of the MBA program requirements. Students must take at least three-fourths of the courses in the area of specialization while in residence at National University.
Program Requirements (5 courses; 22 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):