FIN609A Seminar in Financial Managemen

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

A study of corporate financial management, through case studies and/or term projects, this course covers issues such as sources of long-term financing, cost of capital, capital budgeting, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, the globalization of finance, ethical standards, information technology, and financial strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the issues involved in making decisions that maximize shareholder's wealth while keeping in mind the need to recognize shareholders' risk tolerance, stakeholder interests, and adherence to ethical standards of business practice.
  • Compare and contrast agency problems and methods used to ensure owners' and managers' goals are congruent.
  • Analyze important corporate decisions and explain how they affect firm value.
  • Define, discuss, and explain the process of valuing stocks and bonds.
  • Apply capital budgeting techniques to the evaluation of alternative investment projects.
  • Evaluate and select sources of long-term capital needed to finance the firm.
  • Estimate a firm's cost of capital.
  • Explain the process of selecting an optimal capital structure.
  • Explain the effect of dividend policy on firm value.
  • Analyze corporate mergers, and measure the impact of mergers on the value of the acquiring firm and its competitive position.