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Continue Your Education at National University

National University has partnered with Palomar College to provide students, alumni, and employees, with an easier transition to National University while taking advantage of some amazing financial benefits. Some degrees have additional tuition reductions, like 50% for RN-BSN bridge classes. Click on your program of interest for more information.

The current cost of tuition through ADT per unit for Palomar alums enrolling at National University within a year of completion is $277.50. Application and graduation fees are being waived.

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Students, alumni, and employees of Palomar College will be eligible for one (1) of the following:

  • Palomar students who enroll through the Palomar College Rancho Bernardo Education Center with National University on-site office will get a 25% tuition discount scholarship; or
  • Alums who have graduated with a transferable associate degree at any time from Palomar College will be awarded a 25% tuition discount scholarship; or
  • Palomar students who complete their transferable associate degree and transfer to National University within 36 months of their conferral date will be eligible for NU’s ADT scholarship while available (approx. 46% tuition reduction); or
  • All employees of Palomar College will be eligible for National University’s 25% Community College Employee Scholarship while available.

*Assumes eight courses per year at $880 per course (Maximum 20 courses)

Palomar College Pathways

The RN to BSN program offers four and eight-week courses, where students can focus on one class at a time while balancing school and their full-time jobs. Courses are offered online or on-site at the Palomar College Rancho Bernardo Location (upon WASC approval). Dual/bridge Enrollment classes are available to students with a 50% tuition reduction and about 47% tuition reduction as soon as fully transferred to the RN-BSN at NU within a year of passing your NCLEX and earning your RN license. You’ll gain a foundation for professional nursing practice at the baccalaureate level to expand your clinical knowledge and further develop your critical thinking, communication, and therapeutic skills.

Learn more about National University’s RN to BSN completion program 

Benefits of an RN to BSN Degree

In today’s market, a nurse with a BSN has a competitive advantage with increased qualifications and career advancement options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to be plentiful. However, there may be tougher competition, depending on the area of the country. Generally, registered nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will have better job prospects than those without one*.

The RN to BSN program at National University will help you build on your experiences as a registered nurse, further advancing your knowledge and skills.

RN-BSN Course Sequence

* Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections Program.

In today’s fast-growing technological landscape, the demand for skilled tech experts is increasing exponentially — particularly in cybersecurity. The exciting career path of a cybersecurity professional requires established knowledge and the ability to enforce the security and protection of valuable data. 

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program allows students to take the cybersecurity field head-on, giving them a comprehensive understanding of information technology management and security practices. Those interested in a more nuanced understanding of cybersecurity can choose from three specializations: Computer Network DefenseDigital Forensics, and Information Technology Management

Palomar students interested in this exciting field can learn more about the course sequence below and join the next cohort of students in January 2023! 

BS in Cybersecurity Class Sequence Chart

Learn more about National University’s BS in Cybersecurity program

Benefits of a BS in Cybersecurity Degree

Those with a BS in Cybersecurity degree have options for employment: finance and insurance, manufacturing, information services, health care, administrative support services, and scientific and technical services all call upon cybersecurity experts. 

Additionally, the field is growing, with the employment of information security analysts projected to grow 33 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is dramatically faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. National University’s BS in Cybersecurity program allows you to fundamentally understand operating systems, networks, and cloud computing — all critical concepts to understand in many fields.

Register for an information session here: BS in Cybersecurity Information Session for Palomar Students and Alumni.

National University and Palomar College proudly support military servicemembers and Veterans interested in leadership. Skilled, developed leaders offer the crucial support and development required for a competent workforce, and a competitive edge will help you stand out in today’s market.

A Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from National University provides you with foundational knowledge in leadership theory and frameworks, which, in turn, prepares you to make an impact — and potentially move up the ladder — wherever you choose to pursue your career.

Palomar students interested in this exciting field can learn more about the course sequence below and join the next cohort of students!

Pathway Class Sequence Chart

Learn More About National University’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership — Military Leadership Program

Benefits of an Organizational Leadership Degree

Honing your leadership skills gives you more confidence while helping you gain influence and capital in your field. You’ll walk away with a unique approach to motivating and evaluating your team members.

As you learn how to communicate using proper business terms and approaches, you’ll begin to understand the strategies and frameworks for making decisions and initiating change. You’ll analyze classic studies, applications, and negotiating styles, and compare and contrast the concepts of power and management to further inform your leadership style.

With a growth mindset and the ability to lead, you’ll be able to identify the challenges and advantages of diverse groups within a global context while evaluating the ethical impacts of decisions and strategies. Your study and practice will pay dividends as you become a more capable and confident leader.

Are you passionate about advocating for justice at the local, state, and federal levels? With the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, you can make a difference and be prepared for a variety of career options.

National University’s Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration program is designed to meet the educational and professional needs of individuals interested in law enforcement who are interested in professional development or career advancement. The program also prepares individuals for other employment opportunities like teaching, training assignments, private security employment, research, or employment as consultants within the field.

Palomar students interested in this exciting field can learn more about the course sequence below and join the next cohort of students!

BS in Criminal Justice Administration Class Sequence Chart

Learn More About National University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Benefits of a Degree in Criminal Justice Administration

Earning a criminal justice degree from National University ensures you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the cross-section between laws, processes, and the systems that make justice a reality. Your comprehensive understanding of the system will make you knowledgeable and helps increase marketability in your field as you assist individuals and the community you serve.

Plus, your degree allows you to broaden your career pursuits: you can go to law school, graduate school, or be part of the administration of justice. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you can choose from a variety of careers.

The construction sector is growing rapidly, and individuals with a well-rounded education in written and verbal communication, technical construction fundamentals, math, business, law, and other relevant courses are in high demand.

In National University’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, you’ll learn to apply modern methods and metrics for surveying, use appropriate technical tools to solve engineering problems, and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of building mechanical and electrical systems. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you to pursue a career as a construction executive, project manager, field engineer, planning and scheduling engineer, cost engineer, cost estimator, as well as other positions in the field.

Palomar students interested in this exciting field can learn more about the course sequence below and join the next cohort of students!

Learn More About National University’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Benefits of a Degree in Construction Management

The construction sector is experiencing substantial growth, causing a shortage of individuals with the proper training due to a lack of alignment of academic programs and industry needs. National University’s BS in Construction Management was developed with guidance and assistance from current leaders in the industry and provides relevant training for future managers in the field.

Our curriculum focuses on preparing you with a well-rounded education in written and verbal communication, technical construction fundamentals, math, business, law, and other relevant courses. It’s designed to provide you with a well-rounded education in written and verbal communication, technical construction fundamentals, math, business, law, and other relevant courses and prepare you for numerous in-demand careers in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction management.

For more ADT program pathways please visit Associate Degree for Transfer Scholarship

ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE BS Criminal Justice (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Homeland Security and Emergency Mgt (Detailed ADT Requirements)
ART HISTORY BA General Studies
BIOLOGY BS Biology (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor of Business Administration (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BA Management (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Accountancy (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Financial Management (Detailed ADT Requirements)
Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (Detailed ADT Requirements)
Bachelor of Public Administration (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Human Resource Management (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Logistics and Supply Chain Mgt (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Marketing (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BS Project Management (Detailed ADT Requirements)
CHEMISTRY BA General Studies
COMMUNICATION STUDIES BA Strategic Communication (Detailed ADT Requirements)
COMPUTER SCIENCE Bachelor of Information Systems with Concentration in Business Management Pathway (Detailed ADT Requirements)
EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION BA Early Childhood Education (Detailed ADT Requirements)
ECONOMICS BA Management with Economics Concentration (Detailed ADT Requirements)
BBA with Economics Concentration (Detailed ADT Requirements)
ENGLISH BA English (Detailed ADT Requirements)
FILM, TV & ELECTRONIC MEDIA BA Digital Media Design (Detailed ADT Requirements)
GEOGRAPHY BA General Studies
GEOLOGY BA General Studies
GLOBAL STUDIES BA Global Studies (Detailed ADT Requirements)
HISTORY BA History (Detailed ADT Requirements)
JOURNALISM BA Digital Media Design (Detailed ADT Requirements)
KINESIOLOGY BA General Studies
LAW, PUBLIC POLICY, AND SOCIETY BA Pre-Law Studies (Detailed ADT Requirements)
MATHEMATICS BA General Studies
MUSIC BA General Studies
NURSING BS in Nursing – RN Completion (Detailed ADT Requirements)
NUTRITION BA General Studies
PHILOSOPHY BA General Studies (Detailed ADT Requirements)
PHYSICS BA General Studies
PSYCHOLOGY BA Psychology (Detailed ADT Requirements)
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Psychology (Detailed ADT Requirements)
SOCIAL JUSTICE STUDIES BA Sociology (Detailed ADT Requirements)
SOCIOLOGY BA Sociology (Detailed ADT Requirements)
STUDIO ARTS BA General Studies
THEATRE ARTS BA General Studies

Why Choose National University

National University offers a holistic approach to student support, well-being, and success, called Whole Human Education.™ It means we’ll be with you side-by-side, every step of the way, helping break any barriers you face in achieving your education. Plus, our innovative course structure has convenient 4- and 8-week courses available, so you can focus on one course each month to stay focused on your goals, balanced in your life, and on the fast track to graduation.

Best of all, we’ve simplified and streamlined our application process so you can get enrolled in your chosen program right away. And because we accept and review applications year-round, you can start learning as soon as next month, depending on your program of study and location of choice.

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We have a dedicated team of advisors ready to help you with this process. If you’re interested in pursuing your degree at National University, contact us today at [email protected] or (858) 206-9192.

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Integrating Person-Centered Care Principles Into Academia

Planetree badge: Expertise in person centered care

National University’s Department of Health and Human Services achieved Planetree Silver Recognition for Significant Advancement in Person-Centered Care in October 2017. National University is proud to be the first and only academic institution in the world to achieve a Planetree International recognition.

To attain this honor, National University integrated person-centered principles into the curriculum of each of its health care programs of study. In preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders, National University transformed the academic culture of its health science programs into a student-centric model, using person-centeredness as the conceptual framework to support all learning activities. Integrating these principles means students can gain knowledge and application of the principles throughout their coursework, preparing them to support a culture of person-centered care.

As a student, you will learn to:

  • Effectively interact with diverse populations.
  • Function in inter-professional settings as team members, including faculty, staff, students, patients, and community members.
  • Collaborate to effect change.
  • Serve on committees, build professional leadership skills, and understand the importance of letting one’s voice be heard.
  • Make the connection between the environment and the way it makes people feel.
  • Be supportive and engaging with patients and colleagues.
  • Recognize and address personal barriers to successful professional development and adoption of healthy behaviors.

About National University

Since 1971, National University has been breaking barriers in education. Our 190+ career-relevant degree programs are backed by our Whole Human Education™ approach to your success. At NU, you’ll have the academic, emotional, career, financial, and family support needed to stay on track and finish faster – so you’ll be on your way to achieving your personal and professional goals.