ANE616 Advanced Physiology/Patho II

Course Description

This is the second of a 2-course advanced physiology series. Nurse Anesthesia Physiology II is a comprehensive examination of cardiovascular, renal and respiratory physiology with particular emphasis on how these topics relate to anesthesia management. Graduate nurse anesthesia students will also learn the common disorders of each system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appraise the basic physiologic and pathological concepts most relevant to clinical application for the advanced practice anesthesia nurse.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human physiology and pathophysiology to understanding the structure-function relationships of the human system.
  • Evaluate physiologic and pathophysiologic principles and relationships to develop basic nurse anesthesia management strategies for maintaining homeostasis.
  • Appraise the pathophysiologic conditions that occur in systems and make application to the administration of anesthesia.