RTT 201 Introduction to Radiation Ther

Course Description

Foundations in radiation therapy and the practitioner's role in the health care delivery system. Principles, practices and policies of the educational program, health care organizations, principles of radiation and health safety and professional responsibilities of the radiation therapist.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate key terms used in principles and practice of radiation therapy.
  • Analyze the role of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the treatment of neoplastic disease.
  • Explore basic radiation therapy principles.
  • Explore psychosocial issues faced by people diagnosed with cancer.
  • Describe key aspects of radiation safety.
  • Differentiate between accreditation, credentialing, certification, registration, licensure and regulations.
  • Explore the radiation therapist scope of practice, practice standards and the professional code of ethics.
  • Discuss career advancement and opportunities for the radiation therapist.