RTT 415 Clinical Oncology I

Course Description

A focus on cancer and current treatment modalities with emphasis on radiation therapy. Designed to examine and evaluate the management of neoplastic disease. Cancers of the skin, brain, head and neck, thorax, and gastrointestinal tract are emphasized. The epidemiology, etiology, natural history, diagnosis, treatment strategies, sequelae and prognosis are discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective and accurate oral and written communication skills using appropriate terminology for the malignant disease specified.
  • State all major tumor classifications.
  • Apply staging principles to clinical example.
  • Describe the following for each major malignant neoplasms of the skin, brain, head and neck, thorax and gastrointestinal tract: a. anatomy b. epidemiology c. etiology d. natural history e. clinical presentation f. patterns of spread g. lymphatic involvement h. work-up i. staging j. treatment options k. radiation therapy techniques l. prognosis m. sequelae
  • Apply radiation therapy treatment principles to determine appropriate treatment parameters.