COH609 PH Program Evaluation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gina Piane

Course Description

Fundamentals of evaluation methods applied to public health interventions. Effective use of measurement tools to evaluate achievement of program goals and objectives. Includes analysis of validity and reliability of measurement instruments. Emphasis on reach, effectiveness, acceptance, implementation and maintenance of community programs. Includes fundamentals of proposal development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create program evaluation components including pretests, posttests, comparative designs, control groups, reliability and validity.
  • Evaluate the internal and external validity of a measurement instrument.
  • Formulate the reliability of a measurement instrument.
  • Construct the components of the RE-AIM framework for public health program evaluation.
  • Design evaluation measurement instruments for each of the components of RE-AIM.
  • Develop a proposal for a public health program in response to a request for proposals or applications.