COH100 Personal Health

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alba Lucia Diaz

Course Description

Designed to assist individuals to establish health behaviors for optimal physical, emotional, and sexual health and maintain a healthy environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify risk behaviors that affect health.
  • Discuss how the mind and body communicate and affect wellness.
  • Identify strategies to reduce stress.
  • Identify ways to manage a healthy weight including diet and exercise.
  • Identify strategies to build healthy relationships.
  • Identify how to protect against sexually transmitted disease and AIDS.
  • Identify strategies to reduce or prevent disease.
  • Understand how heredity affects the health of an individual.
  • Explain drug use and abuse.
  • Discuss how to make healthy decisions about health and health care.
  • Identify alternative medicine and some of the strengths and weakness of each.
  • Identify how to work toward a healthy environment to enhance health and well-being.