Master of Arts in Special Education

The Master of Arts in Special Education (MASE) degree is designed for teachers already licensed with a preliminary or clear credential in special or general education and/or for professionals who want to broaden their intellectual and professional understanding of the role of special education within the PK to 22 setting. More and more, there is a demand for educators and professionals with a current understanding of the characteristics and needs of individuals with disabilities. In this rigorous program, candidates will expand their knowledge by developing, analyzing, and evaluating innovative and ethical practices in special education; and sustaining their commitment as educational practitioners and leaders in the field of education. The program will be offered in three modalities (online, onsite, and hybrid) and will be accessible for candidates at a national and global level.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the process for creating a shared vision and philosophy of establishing effective teaching and learning of students with disabilities at a school-wide level.
  • Evaluate the role of special education practitioners and leaders in different contexts of education, in terms of implementing the vital elements of special education.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of various research methodologies in relation to a given topic related to Special Education.
  • Analyze the ongoing process of establishing a collaborative and inclusive setting, for students with disabilities, to access a Free And Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
  • Evaluate the implications of Special Education law and procedures before applying them in different contexts of educational practices.
  • Analyze the requirements of the roles of Special Education practitioners for providing access to curriculum, accommodations and modifications, by utilizing technology, including augmentative and assistive technology, and principles of Universal Design for Learning.


To receive a Master of Arts in Special Education, candidates must complete a minimum 45 quarter units of graduate work. A total of 4.5 quarter units of graduate credit may be granted for equivalent graduate work, as it applies to this degree, and if the units were not used in earning another degree.
Requirements for the Degree (10 courses; 45 quarter units)
Core Requirements (5 courses; 22.5 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Research Requirements (1 courses; 4.5 quarter units)
Prerequisites: Students must complete all core and Specialization courses prior to beginning research
Core Requisite(s):
  • SPD 699 Research in SPD Capstone
Candidates must choose one of the following Specializations: