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HCA494A Healthcare Internship

Lead Faculty: Dr. Suzanne Evans

Course Description

Practical application of the knowledge and skills required for a healthcare administration professional in a healthcare agency. Students will be assigned to agencies according to their interests and the availability of an approved internship site. Two month requirement. Grading is by S/U only. Course is eligible for In Progess (IP) grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply his or her acquired knowledge and skills to a supervised healthcare administration internship assignment within an approved healthcare organization/agency;
  • Develop an Individual Student Learning Plan based on a self-reflection and team assessment of levels of professional competencies;
  • Utilize effective communication and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain professional relationships with the healthcare organization/agency staff and the target stakeholders;
  • Plan and complete one or more supervised applied project (s) related to healthcare administration in an approved healthcare organization;
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional dispositions in all interactions within the internship placement;
  • Write a summative reflective report of the internship experience demonstrating the successful integration of academic knowledge, skills, and dispositions.