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COH416 PH & Physical Activity

Course Description

Challenges to establishing and maintaining a physically active lifestyle in society examined. Physical, psychological, and social benefits of habitual physical activities considered. Public health impacts of sedentary living presented. Interventions to improve physical activity assessed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe how physical activity is incorporated into concepts and practices of governmental, non-profit, and private public health agencies, including schools.
  • Compare and contrast concepts of physical activity and physical fitness.
  • Compare and contrast benefits of physical activity and its environmental, social, and motivational impediments.
  • List major health benefits of physical activity: Physiological, psychological, and social.
  • Explain the range of services available at local, state, and national levels that promote physical activity.
  • Assess the possibility of social norm change to include physical activity as a part of habitual pro-social health behaviors.
  • Associate physical activity with other prosocial behaviors: healthy diets, limited alcohol intake, normal body mass index, no smoking.