HCA692 Healthcare Capstone

Course Description

Two-month capstone project focused on a relevant problem in healthcare administration theory or practice. Planning and completion of either a data-based research project or a scholarly and creative activity related to healthcare administration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify a relevant problem related to the theory or practice of healthcare administration.
  • Conduct an exhaustive review of the literature related to a problem in healthcare administration and summarize that review in writing.
  • Formulate a valid solution to a problem in healthcare administration, either in the form of a testable hypothesis or in the form of a scholarly activity. Examples of a scholarly activity would be a written document such as a book or manual; web-based solution such as a related web-site; or other resources that advance the discipline and profession of healthcare administration.
  • Collect empirical data applicable to an empirical hypothesis or gather resources necessary to support scholarly activity in healthcare administration.
  • Complete either a data-based research study or other scholarly activity.
  • Perform a professional quality oral presentation describing the outcomes of either a research study or scholarly activity.
  • Complete a professional quality written report describing the outcome of either a research study or scholarly activity.