SPD696 Capstone Project

Lead Faculty: Dr. Denise Hexom

Course Description

Apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions to complete a culminating project. Candidates will identify a topic of interest in their classroom, school, or district; conduct a review of the literature on the topic of their choice; and design a process to gather information on the topic. Grading is H, S, or U only. Course is eligible for In Progress (IP) grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate published qualitative and quantitative research studies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify an appropriate research design for a particular research problem and know strengths and weakness of research designs.
  • Evaluate if there is evidence-based support for a particular teaching or intervention strategy.
  • Explain the difference between qualitative, quantitative, and action research and when each type is appropriate.
  • Describe the ethical considerations and appropriate precautions involved with research on human subjects including the NU policy on research involving human subjects, the need for informed consent, student assent, and Institutional review Board approval.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of validity and reliability, how each are established, and what elements cause a threat to either.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various methods to collect data.