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Associate of Arts in Communications

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael McAnear

The Associate of Arts in Communication prepares students to enter professions in the communication field and to continue their undergraduate education in one or more of the related fields of public relations, advertising, journalism, corporate communication, and media. Enrolled students gain valuable experience in a variety of contexts while establishing a broad foundation in communication theory. Students who successfully complete the coursework for this program are provided with the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to thrive as a communication professional.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze the effectiveness of oral communication messages.
  2. Establish appropriate communication goals.
  3. Create content that fulfills communication objectives.
  4. Apply critical analysis of mediated messages.
  5. Deliver an effective presentation using digital technology.
  6. Effectively deliver a clear and well-researched argument.


To receive the Associate of Arts in Communications, students must complete at least 90 quarter units, 31.5 of which must be taken in residence at National University. All students must complete the Associate of Arts general education requirements. In the abscence of transfer credit additional electives may need to be taken to meet the overall unit requirement of the degree. Please see Undergraduate Information section for admission and evaluation.

Requirements for the major (9 courses; 40.5 quarter units)

Core Requisite(s):

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Online Education

This program is available online.