Dr. Brandon Eggleston


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Poster 2015-11-02 Evaluation of a nine month yoga intervention program for underserved youth in Southern California APHA Chicago, IL
Conference 2015-09-03 The Risks and Benefits of Hot Yoga. International Health, Wellness, and Society Madrid, Spain
Poster 2015-05-06 Health Literacy and Hot Yoga Institute for Healthcare Advancement's Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Poster 2014-11-03 Evaluation of Yoga Programs for Vulnerable Middle School Students APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-11-03 ). Benefits of Vibrioacoustic Therapy: Results from a Pilot Study APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-11-02 Evaluation of RCT of a Walking, Yoga, and Coaching Intervention for Obesity APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-09-24 Evaluating a yoga program for Montessori students. Symposium for Yoga Research Stockbridge, MA (Kripalu)
Poster 2014-05-06 Wellness, Employers, Employees, and the ACA IHA Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Poster 2014-05-06 Yoga, Children, Parents, and Schools IHA Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Conference 2014-03-13 The Benefits of Yoga for Children: The building case of evidence. International Health, Wellness, and Society Vancouver, BC
Poster 2013-11-05 Physical Benefits of Yoga for Children APHA Boston, MA
Conference 2013-05-16 Impact of Yoga on Flexibility and Balance on College Athletes American College of Sports Medicine Indianapolis, IN


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Dr. Brandon Eggleston


Dr. Brandon Eggleston

School of Health and Human Services

Community Health


Indiana Univ, Bloomington - PHD - Health Behavior