Dr. Brandon Eggleston


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Poster 2015-11-02 Evaluation of a nine month yoga intervention program for underserved youth in Southern California APHA Chicago, IL
Conference 2015-09-03 The Risks and Benefits of Hot Yoga. International Health, Wellness, and Society Madrid, Spain
Poster 2015-05-06 Health Literacy and Hot Yoga Institute for Healthcare Advancement's Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Poster 2014-11-03 Evaluation of Yoga Programs for Vulnerable Middle School Students APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-11-03 ). Benefits of Vibrioacoustic Therapy: Results from a Pilot Study APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-11-02 Evaluation of RCT of a Walking, Yoga, and Coaching Intervention for Obesity APHA New Orleans, LA
Poster 2014-09-24 Evaluating a yoga program for Montessori students. Symposium for Yoga Research Stockbridge, MA (Kripalu)
Poster 2014-05-06 Wellness, Employers, Employees, and the ACA IHA Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Poster 2014-05-06 Yoga, Children, Parents, and Schools IHA Health Literacy Conference Irvine, CA
Conference 2014-03-13 The Benefits of Yoga for Children: The building case of evidence. International Health, Wellness, and Society Vancouver, BC
Poster 2013-11-05 Physical Benefits of Yoga for Children APHA Boston, MA
Conference 2013-05-16 Impact of Yoga on Flexibility and Balance on College Athletes American College of Sports Medicine Indianapolis, IN


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Yoga and Children: Building the evidence International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society Eggleston, B. CG Publisher 5(3) 1-7
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Implementation Science in
Nursing Homes: A Case Study of the Integration of Bladder Ultrasound Scanners.
Annals of Long Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging Wilson A, Ehlman M, Dugger R, Eggleston B. 23(6) 21-26
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Student Perceptions and Practices Regarding Carrying Concealed Handguns on University Campuses American Journal of College Health. Thompson, A., Price, J., Dake, J., Teeple, K., Bassler, S., Khubchandani, J., Kerr, D., Fisher, J., Taylor and Francis 61(5)
Chapter Co-Author Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices of India & the Middle-East. Piane, Gina Marie
Dr. Brandon Eggleston


Dr. Brandon Eggleston

School of Health and Human Services

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Indiana Univ, Bloomington - PHD - Health Behavior