Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Nadia L. - Class of 2020
Nadia L. - Class of 2020


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The MBA program includes four-week classes.
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Program Overview

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Get on the path to business leadership with an MBA from National University. In this program, which can be taken 100% online, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage organizations in the ever-changing business environment. You will learn relevant management skills in both domestic and global business settings, effective team building, quantitative and qualitative decision-making, and creative problem-solving skills that you can immediately apply in your professional life.

You may specialize in one of several areas to hone your skills to your career goals. Specializations available include Bank Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, and Supply Chain Management.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the systems and processes used throughout an organization, including the planning, decision-making, group dynamics, innovation, production, supply chain, operations, technologies, marketing and distribution, and management.
  • Demonstrate leadership ability and management skills within an environment of change to meet the objectives of the stakeholders of the organization.
  • Evaluate the forces in the global business environment, including social responsibility, sustainability, ethics, and the risk and opportunities associated with operating within a multicultural business environment.
  • Apply economic models, accounting principles, statistical techniques, and financial theories, analysis, and reporting in business decision-making.
  • Design alternatives to solve business problems utilizing quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and sound ethical decision making.
  • Formulate strategies and policies utilizing environmental and resources assessment, and integrating various functions to achieve the mission and objectives of the organization.

Program Highlights

  • Program can be completed in as few as 12 months
  • Choose one of seven specializations and design the program based on your career goals
  • Take one course in a one-month format or three courses in a three-month format
  • Upon enrollment, students are assigned a faculty mentor for support
  • Tutoring is available for most courses
  • Program includes small classes and opportunities to work closely with faculty

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Program Requirements

(12-14 courses; 54-63 quarter units)

Foundation Courses

(2 courses; 9 quarter units)

The following two foundation courses may be waived if students have taken the appropriate accounting, finance, and mathematics courses as a part of an undergraduate degree in business at a regionally accredited university or if a score of 80 percent or above is achieved on a challenge exam. Each course is four weeks long.

  • ACC 600* Financial Accounting for MBAs
  • MNS 601** Statistics for Business

*Students who have completed an undergraduate business degree that includes ACC 201, ACC 202, and FIN 310 are waived of the ACC 600 requirement.
**Students who have completed an undergraduate business degree that includes MNS 205, MTH 210, MTH 215, or MTH 220 and MNS 407 are waived of the MNS 601 requirement.

Core Competency Courses

(7 courses; 31.5 quarter units)

  • MKT 602 Marketing Management
  • IBU 606 Global Business
  • MGT 603 Business Operations Management
  • MGT 608 Info & Supply Chain Systems
  • ACC 604 Managerial Accounting
  • ECO 607 Eco. for Managerial Decisions
    • Recommended: Prior completion of MNS 601
  • FIN 609A Seminar in Financial Management
    • Prerequisite: FIN 310, or ACC 600

General Electives

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

Students may select any four graduate courses offered by the School of Business and Management, including BUS 691 – Internship Project. As an alternative, students may enroll in an Area of Specialization (see below).

MBA Specialization

Requirements for Specialization
(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

In lieu of general electives, students can choose an Area of Specialization. In order to graduate with a specialization, students must complete all courses specified in the desired specialization, in addition to all core competency courses, and the capstone course, MGT 685C.

(1 course; 4.5 quarter units)

Prerequisites: All seven(7) core competency courses must be completed before taking the capstone course.

  • MGT 685C Business Strategy and Policy
    Prerequisite: ACC 604, FIN 609A, MGT 608, MGT 603, ECO 607, MKT 602, IBU 606

Specialization in Bank Management

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

Students must select four (4) of the six (6) courses:

  • FIN 674 Managing Financial Institution
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 635 International Finance
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 652 Real Estate Finance
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 671 Credit Management
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 678 Regulation of Banks
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 679 Risk & Capital Mgmnt in Banks
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A

Specialization in Financial Management

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • FIN 610 Topics in Financial Management
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 631 Security Analysis & Portfolio
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 635 International Finance
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A
  • FIN 674 Managing Financial Institution
    • Prerequisite: FIN 609A

Specialization in Human Resource Management

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • HRM 630 Legal, Ethical & Safety Issues
  • HRM 637 Workforce Plan Dev & Outsource
  • ODV 606 Seminar in Training & Develop
  • HRM 667 Compensation & Benefits

Specialization in International Business

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

Student should choose four (4) courses from the following:

  • IBU 637 Comparative Int’l Management
  • IBU 641 Topics in Int’l Business
  • IBU 643 Global Strategy
  • IBU 645 Int’l Entrepreneurship Project
  • IBU 540 International Experience

Specialization in Marketing

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • MKT 620 Consumer Behavior
    • Prerequisite: MKT 602
  • MKT 631 Global Marketing
    • Prerequisite: MKT 602
  • MKT 634 Market Research
    • Prerequisite: MKT 602
  • MKT 660 Strategic Marketing Simulation
    • Prerequisite: MKT 620, MKT 631, and MKT 634, MKT 602

Specialization in Organizational Leadership

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • LED 602 Developing Groups and Teams
  • LED 603 Leadership in the 21st Century
  • LED 604 Leading Change and Adaptation
  • LED 605 Conflict and Power Dynamics

Specialization in Supply Chain Management

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • SCM 610 Supply Chain Collaboration
  • SCM 620 Strategic Supply Management
    • Prerequisite: SCM 610
  • SCM 630 Supply Chain Planning
    • Prerequisite: SCM 610
  • SCM 640 Distribution Management
    • Prerequisite: SCM 610
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