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Upskill Your Workforce With the CCL MBA

Is your organization in need of business and executive leadership skills? The Center for Creative Leadership MBA program combines the MBA expertise of National University with the leadership training from the Center for Creative Leadership, drawing strengths from both institutions to create a unique leadership development MBA program.

CCL has world-class leadership training programs that prepare leaders to tackle real-world challenges. The same concepts and practices of leadership have been infused throughout the six leadership focused courses in the CCL MBA. Where CCL faculty bring their methodology, passion, and 50-year heritage, to the leadership courses.

National University offers adult learners a unique four-week course format, allowing them to work and complete their degree requirements at the same time. NU is skilled at delivering multifaced business content with student application focus at the forefront in subjects such as finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and human resources.

All courses in the MBA leadership online program are taught by skilled faculty from their respective institutions. Courses emphasize practical, hands-on experience in targeting real-world challenges and leading the way to solutions.

There are multiple ways your organization can take advantage of this MBA program and integrate it into your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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12 Months to Your CCL MBA

CCL MBA can be completed in as quickly as 12 months (15 classes).

100% Online Classes

GMAT not required for admission.

Year-round Enrollment

Our admissions team reviews applications year-round.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the CCL MBA, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the impact of organizational decisions on stakeholders through financial and economic analysis and risk assessment, and create an alternative course of action
  • Utilize critical thinking in communication efforts, and communicate with clarity and efficacy in a variety of formats
  • Implement quantitative analysis methods against relevant information and data trends in relation to operations and decision-making
  • Apply the ethical responsibilities of an organization and evaluate the ethical, legal, and political implications of business practices
  • Illustrate leadership theories to diagnose the effects of leadership behaviours on organizational performance and change management plans that result in increased potential for individuals and the organization to achieve desired outcomes
  • Critique one’s leadership skills and continuously adapt to a variety of complex, multicultural team and organizational settings

The CCL MBA program, built to develop visionary leaders, will teach your employees to see beyond what many others see. Integrating the traditional hard skills of an MBA program with soft skills creates greater opportunity for your employees to add value to your organization and society in this constantly changing world. With this combination of hard and soft skills, employees will develop into creative leaders who can advocate change and exude leadership qualities within your organization.

As your company looks forward, what are your succession and organizational development plans to staff for future challenges? What type of employee are you seeking? One that understands the practice of leadership and how to lead into the future across boundaries, through change, and in a diverse world. The CCL MBA focuses on these areas and more with practical application.

The core MBA courses will also provide your employees an understanding of what to look out for and how to ask the right questions to understand sources of finance, accounting, marketing, and economic reporting.

The Center for Creative Leadership MBA can be tailored to your organization in a multitude of ways to fit within your professional development or leadership pipeline.

Degree customization considerations:

  • Hand selecting faculty from our rosters with specific backgrounds to match your industry or organizational needs to teach specific courses from the curriculum
  • Revising assignments to more directly address needs within your organization or leadership development, in conjunction with faculty and in alignment of objectives
  • Creating a blended or hybrid degree where some courses are taught in-person, at your location or ours

Contact National University to discover how this degree can support your organization.

Program Requirements

  • 15 courses; 45 quarter units
  • *Core Competency Course
LMBA 600*Orientation Course (1 quarter unit) – Prerequisite for all
LMBA 601Introduction to Leadership (2 quarter units)
LMBA 602*Data-Informed Decision Making (4 quarter units)
LMBA 603*Emerging Issues in Management and Leadership (3 quarter units)
LMBA 604Practice of Leadership (2 quarter units)
LMBA 605*Fundamentals of Economics (4 quarter units)
LMBA 606*Financial Statements and Managerial Accounting (4 quarter units)
LMBA 607*Corporate Finance and Financial Structure of an Enterprise (4 quarter units)
LMBA 608Leading in a Diverse Community (2 quarter units)
LMBA 609*Marketing in an Information Age (4 quarter units)
LMBA 610*Organizational Design and HRM (3 quarter units)
LMBA 611Leading Change (4 quarter units)
LMBA 612Leading Across Boundaries (2 quarter units)
LMBA 613Strategic Leadership (2 quarter units)
LMBA 614*Capstone: Strategy (4 quarter units)

To receive a Center for Creative Leadership MBA, students must complete 45 quarter units of graduate credit. A total of 4.5 quarter units of equivalent graduate work may be granted if completed with a grade of “B” or better (3.0 GPA) at another regionally accredited institution, as it applies to this degree, and provided the units were not used in earning another advanced degree. Please refer to the section on graduate admission procedures for specific information regarding application, evaluation, and the course waiver process.