Clinical Practice Seminar

Course Description

Focus on three CTC Teaching Domains. Create or revise artifacts reflecting knowledge and skills in each of those Domains to be uploaded into their Professional Portfolio. The Professional Portfolio must be completed and approved by the instructor in order to successfully pass this course. Grading is S/U only. Eligible for In Progress (IP) grading.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate and apply the knowledge and skills described within Domain D: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students to include TPE 8: Learning About Students and TPE 9: Instructional Planning
  • Integrate and apply the knowledge and skills described within Domain E: Creating and Maintaining Effective Learning Environments to include TPE 10: Instructional Planning — Classroom Management and Collaboration and TPE 11: Social Environment.
  • Integrate and apply the knowledge and skills described within Domain F: Developing as a Professional Educator to include TPE 12: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Obligations and TPE 13: Professional Growth.


  1. Email address: Update your personal information in the University System with a valid email address.
  2. Assigned readings: Complete required readings, including announcements, prior to each unit.
  3. Critical discussions: Participate in all course discussions between Mondays and Thursdays. Late responses will result in a loss of at least 10 points.
  4. Assignments due Sundays: Complete all required assignments by Sundays. Late work will not be accepted without prior arrangement with the professor.
  5. Academic ASL: Submit visually salient signed assignments in a well lit environment, and video assignments must start with the assignment title, name, date and include citations when appropriate. Each signed assignment will reflect graduate level expectations in terms of scope, depth, signing mechanics, and appearance.
  6. Academic English: Submit typed and double-spaced assignments with a one inch margin all around, and all assignments must use the most current APA writing style when appropriate. Each written work will reflect graduate level expectations in terms of scope, depth, writing mechanics, and appearance.
  7. GPA of 3.0: Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better for all graduate work.
  8. Professional Portfolio: Submit an organized digital professional portfolio, including a final course reflection and an updated learning philosophy. Seminar credit will not be earned until all assignments are completed.



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