Best Degrees for Jobs in Los Angeles

Best Degrees for Jobs in Los Angeles

When searching for jobs in Los Angeles, you might find that the amount and variety of choices can be overwhelming. If you’re open to a new career, check out our companion article, Top Industries in Los Angeles to see what’s hot in the City of Angels right now.

Choose from Numerous Online Degrees

A college degree can enhance your employment opportunities, and National University offers many online programs applicable to the job opportunities you might find in Los Angeles. This article outlines a few examples related to L.A.’s highest-growth sectors.

Leisure and Hospitality Jobs in Los Angeles

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Los Angeles jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector grew at 3% during the 12-month period from June 2018 to June 2019. Careers in this category relate to arts, design, entertainment, recreation, media, sports, and more.

You can learn about the collaborative creative process in film and TV entertainment in the article, Behind the Camera: Getting a Master’s Degree in Film Production.

National’s MFA in Digital Cinema Production offers a unique hybrid online/on-site format. This gives you hands-on experience and allows you to immerse yourself in the film-making process. If you’re interested in production and are close to the Pacific Concourse Drive campus in Los Angeles, this program is definitely worth a look.

In the article Film Studies: The Online Film Degree (which touches on video-gaming too), you can get a preview of National University’s creative and entertainment-related program offerings, including film, television, advertising, media, product development, and marketing.

Education and Health Services Jobs in Los Angeles

The BLS, showed jobs in L.A.’s education and health services sector as second in highest in growth, at 2.5% for the 12-month period June 2018 to June 2019. Job opportunities in this sector can be found in education, health care, and social services.

Nationally, the health care industry is seeing a significant increase in employment opportunities from entry-level to the C-suite. Among the in-demand jobs in this field are medical assistants, research scientists, teachers, nurses, personal care aides, and health information professionals.

National University offers a variety of health-related programs, including nursing, public health, and the emergency medical technician (EMT) area. If an advanced degree in nursing interests you, our blog post, Launching Your Career as a Nurse Anesthetist, is a good read. Find the full list of offerings on our programs page.

Technology and Professional Services Jobs in Los Angeles

According to the BLS, the professional and business services category is ranked third for growth in L.A., increasing at 1.7% for the one-year period covering June 2018 to June 2019. As you can imagine, the business services sector is broad, with opportunities up and down the ranks and across all departments at companies of all kinds.


Technology Programs at National University

If the aerospace industry has caught your eye, National University’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree can get you started. The program offers courses with workplace impact in any industry, including aerospace, as well as business, medical, construction, automotive, technology, and more.

As computer technology advances and expands, demand for jobs in software development, computer networks, cybersecurity, digital forensics, and related positions in Los Angeles will continue to grow. Our article, Hot Careers: Getting a Computer Networks and Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree, will give you a taste of what you can learn. And here’s an article to help you decide which computer science career may be the best fit.

The Versatile Online MBA

No matter what your industry or career path, you can benefit from a master’s in business administration. The MBA degree is valued by employers for its versatility. Check out how National’s online MBA helped a hairdresser become an attorney and read how a Navy vet proved to himself and others he could succeed.

Get Started at National University

Your lifestyle is a priority at National University. That’s why we offer convenient online degrees that fit into your schedule. You can do homework any time day or night: before you have to leave for work, during lunch, once the house is settled for the night, or any time you can find in between.

Our open, year-round enrollment and flexible four-week courses also provide flexibility to start when you’re ready and focus on one course a a time.

National University wants you to succeed; our article,Work-Life Balance: How to Stay Focused While Earning Your Degree at Home” offers some of our best tips for staying on track while earning your degree online.

Now that you’ve sampled a few options for some of the best degrees for jobs in Los Angeles, you can learn more about National University’s online programs. We invite you to connect with an admissions advisor today!

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