Maggie M., Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Tuition & Fees

Maggie M. Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Current undergraduate tuition rates, effective July 1, 2019 are as follows:

Course Level Cost per Quarter Unit 4.5 Quarter Unit Course
100, 200, 300 & 400 $370 $1,665
500 $370 $1,665

* Tuition for 500-level courses is charged according to students’ degree programs.

National University offers many financial aid options and scholarships to students who qualify. Learn more about how you can finance your education.

Current general fees include:

General Fees

Fees are non-refundable. All records and services are withheld from students who have any outstanding financial obligations to the University or have defaulted on a Title IV loan at the University. Effective May 1, 2011 National University began reporting student account defaults to credit reporting agencies.

International Student Activity Fee

$60, See also International Student Prepayment and Refund policy.

Transcript Fee

$5, Per copy fee for each transcript
(Per copy fee for each transcript–additional $2 surcharge applicable to e-transcripts)

Returned Check Charge


Credit by Examination Fee

$100, Per examination, per course.

Challenge Examinations Fee

$50, Per course charge, course waiver, no credit.

Nursing Fees

NSG 330 Course Fee: $6,414
NSG 403 Course Fee, $6,414
Nursing Clinical Laboratory (NSG) Fee, $675 per course
SIMS Lab Fee, $350 (Per make-up session.)
ORI 10 Nursing Course Fee, $250
E-Portfolio, $35 per year
E-Portfolio Renewal Fee, $30 per year

MA in Digital Journalism Fees

iPad Mini Package, $900
(Including the device and related software.)

MFA Digital Cinema and Professional Screenwriting Fees

MDC 688 Course Fee, $1,200
MDC 689 Course Fee, $550
SCR 675 Course Fee, $750
SCR 670P Course Fee, $250
SCR 690 Course Fee, $350
SCR 691 Course Fee, $350
MDC 695 Course Fee, $300

Master of Science in Nursing Fees

FNP and PMHNP Area of Specializations carry additional program fees.
Program Fees, $11,325
NA and NI Area of Specializations carry additional program fees
Program Fees, $475
(in addition to tuition)

MS Anesthesia Fees

Application Fee, $60, (In addition to University Application fee)
Unit Fee, $329.70, (In addition to tuition fee)

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology MFT

Program Fees, $350

Technology Fees

The following courses utilize a third party technology. Accessing the third-party technology is a required component of your course. The technology fee will be applied to the student’s account at the time tuition is applied.

RN to BSN Fees

NSG 442 Technology Fee, $130.00
NSG 443 Technology Fee, $130.00
NSG 444 Technology Fee, $130.00

Bachelor of Science Cybersecurity

CYB 200 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 211 Technology Fee, $56.00
CYB 212 Technology Fee, $64.00
CYB 216 Technology Fee, $60.00
CYB 331 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 332 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 333 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 420 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 450 Technology Fee, $39.00
CYB 451 Technology Fee, $59.00
CYB 452 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 453 Technology Fee, $39.00
CYB 471 Technology Fee, $68.00
CYB 472 Technology Fee, $20.00

Master of Science Cybersecurity

CYB 600 Technology Fee, $56.00
CYB 601 Technology Fee, $64.00
CYB 602 Technology Fee, $39.00
CYB 604 Technology Fee, $68.00
CYB 606 Technology Fee, $59.00
CYB 608 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 612 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 613 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 616 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 632 Technology Fee, $20.00
CYB 633 Technology Fee, $56.00
CYB 634 Technology Fee, $20.00

Teaching Performance Assessment Fees


Total cost for initial submission of all 4 TPA Tasks. See Credentials section under School of Education for further information on TPA tasks and Task Stream.

College of Letters and Sciences (COLS)

Lab Fee, $90 per lab course
Courses: BIO 100A, BIO 169A, BIO 201A, BIO 202A, BIO 203A, BIO 330, BIO 406A, BIO 407A, BIO 414A, BIO 416A, BIO 691, BIO 692, BIO 693, CHE 101A, CHE 149A, CHE 150A, CHE 350A, CHE 351A, EES 103A, FSC 620, FSC 623, FSC 632, FSC 633, FSC 634, FSC 635, FSC 647, FSC648, PHS 104A

Tuition is due and payable prior to the first class session of each course.

If a tuition payment check is returned due to insufficient funds, the University reserves the right to drop all current and future classes for that student. Students will be notified of this action and assessed a return check charge. The University may require students who have written multiple insufficient-fund checks to make all future payments by cashier’s check, cash, or money order.

The University reserves the right to modify tuition at any time. Students whose employers have entered into a contractual agreement with the University may be eligible for reduced tuition.